Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Hello and welcome to another week of What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.  This is where we all take a curious peak at other peoples work/craft desks.  It is good fun and you can join in here.

Well, this is what I have been up to this past week...

On the left is Nathan's Diatoms cross stitch.  I've done a fair bit to that this week, although I'd be guessing it's difficult to tell that.  I'm starting to doubt whether I'll get it done in time for his birthday in August.  May well end up as a Christmas present then.

The middle one is a birth sampler for my friend Fiona's baby, who is due in September.  I'm not saying what it is - it's a surprise and you'll have to check my desk every week to see how it gets on.

The one on the right is the Cat Pile cross stitch.  It has been started, at least.  If i'd been clever, I'd have stood back a bit so you could get a view as to how big that piece's Aida fabric is.

I was going to start another one for another friend's birthday (Nathan's mother, to be exact) but the design of a cat in amongst  mosaics and flowers comes out of a hardback book she bought me for Christmas and the picture isn't very clear.  It requires me to sit down with some square paper to knock up the pattern properly.  As I also want to turn it into a lavender bag, it's a project for the near future.

I hope you have enjoyed taking a look at my desk this week.  I intend to look at as many desks this week as possible.  Take care all of you!


  1. Diatoms rock! Love that piece of work...it's coming along really well. And I'm intrigued to see a cat pile!
    Hugs. LLJ 40 xxxx

  2. Cant wait to see the finished cross stitch, not one of the crafts I have delved into
    Bridget #11

  3. Wow, so many on the go at once.. no I don't think you'll be done for August personally!! Have a great week. Helen 5

  4. Lovely work here - looking forward to seeing the finished projects :)
    Off to google Diatoms!!!
    Happy WOYWW :)
    Karen #79

  5. How clever you are to design cross-stitch in this way. I'm in awe of people who get out the squared paper and create! Thank you for sharing these lovely, different projects. I'm away next week, but I will be peeping in the coming weeks to see how it's all going x #58

  6. Your cross stitch is beautiful. I used to love doing cross stitch but chemotherapy put paid to that ruining my hands, I may have another go sometime and see if it's any better now. Happy WOYWW! Karen 85 x

  7. Lovely cross stitch - I love the black and white piece - it looks intriguing and like Karen said earlier, I'm off to google diatoms!
    Have a happy, creative week,
    Diana #59

  8. Hi lucy
    you have some lovely projects on the go and I look forward to seeing the finsihed items
    Sending hugs and hoping you have a great day
    Ria #74

  9. You're certainly not going to have time to get bored! Happy WOYWW. Pam#20

  10. Looking forward to seeing more of the projects as you progress.

    Happy Woyww!

    Sandy #119

  11. Hi Lucy, Happy WOYWW. Great looking cross stitch - wish I could still see well enough to do it!! Cindy #95

  12. All looking good, how many different projects can you do at once

  13. It is amazing... all the different crafts and techniques I come across when I visit desks via woyww.. cross-stitches.. wow! Love how your work looks! Happy ~ belated ~ woyww and a hug from Holland. Marit #109

  14. Hi Lucy - I have cross stich that is mmm 13 years old I think I will never get around to finishing it...LOL happy WOYWW [Friday cheat - I am a bit slow lol] Mxx #169

  15. Hi Lucy
    You really have been a busy bee and I love all your work your stitching is so tidy.
    I want to thank you for your kind offer of doing a sample for me using the medication I take but I am going to have to say no to this one. The reason being I take so much medication and I find it depressing thinking about it and I think seeing it all worked out would add to that feeling of depression, but thank you Lucy for offering
    Wishing you and everyone a Very Happy WOYWW today
    Ria #50