Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Another chance to be nosy at other people's craft desks. You can join in here.

Short and sweet this week -

In a clockwise fashion - Magic roundabout birth sampler for my friend Charlotte who had a boy named Henry last week, a new unopened project waiting, a special cross stitch project and Nathan's Diatoms cross stitch continues.

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Tuesday, 23 April 2013


My first time back in weeks, it's time for another What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.  You can join in by clicking this link.

Here is my desk this week -
Two weeks ago, we had to have our cat Guinness put down.  She was diabetic and we'd rescued her and her sister, Taz, from my Dad who wasn't looking after them properly.  I gave Guinness a happy and loving last two weeks and miss her character enormously.  The vet and I decided to start her on insulin on Sunday morning two weeks ago as it was my day off and I'd be able to watch her like a hawk.  She was good as gold, no problems.  I went to work on Monday and got a panicked call from OH at lunchtime saying Guinny was limp and flailing around on the bathroom floor - she was having a diabetic seizure.  He rushed her to the vet, where I met him and I had to make the terrible decision to put her down as she had fully slipped into a diabetic coma by that point and the vet agreed it was fair as she was 14 an showing signs of liver damage, possibly bought on by years of untreated diabetes.

I am at peace with my decision now but as you can see from my desk, have completely thrown myself into my crafts.  I got out of my maudlin mood by making a felt brooch of Guinness's face taken from a photo, complete with whiskers! There is a very old tshirt belonging to OH that I have to sew the neck line back together, fix a hole in the armpit and patch a number of moth holes.  He refuses to believe it's had it.

Since I sold a batch of fused plastic bags to a lady in New Zealand last week, I've been experimenting fusing together different kinds of plastic and cutting discs and squares out of it.  There was a lot of interest in the bags so am thinking of opening yet another Etsy shop to cater for it.

There are cotton spools, scissors, repair tape and glue, a photo album my sister gave me for my 30th a couple of years ago made in the style of This Is Your Life and opened to a picture of Guinny and Taz when they were much younger.  Guinness has her arm around Taz, I love it!

I'm waiting for a friend to give birth this week so I can finish baby's nursery sampler.  Another friend has just announced she's expecting so am plotting the next one.  I've also got a leaving present and birthday present to magic out of thin air too:)

So sorry for the long post.  I hope life is treating you all well and see you next week:) x