Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Hello and welcome to another round of What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!  Each week, we take a peek at the crafting spaces of the creative and the crafty.  You can join in the fun too, by clicking here.

My desk this week,

The more observant of you will notice that this isn't my usual crafting space.  This is the dining table, and I am working with a pattern  to make a pyjama top for myself.  I'm using the busy purple floral fabric that I made part of the shirt I abandoned.  I have cut out the neck band and am now starting half of the front of the top.

The pattern weights mentioned in last week's WOYWW have not progressed past one piece of fabric cut from a template.  What with work, swimming and housework, I am finding time for making a little squeezed.  However, I have this Thursday and the whole of next week off, so I intend to steam ahead then.

Thank you for taking a look at my space! x

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Hello and welcome to another What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!  You can snoop around craft desks here.

My desk this week:

There are four fat quarters I was given for Christmas, a bag of rice and tracing paper.  I plan to make pattern weights with them.

This is a shot of my finished felt tissue dispensers.

The shirt has hit the skids.  I'd already gone over my allowance when I had to redo part of the yoke that I'd mis-measured.  The final straw came this weekend when I realised the collar is also the wrong size and I'e run out of plain purple fabric.  It was a relief, I'd put off looking at it for two weeks.

At the end of this week, my shop is having a 20% off everything promotion and I'm going to get some patterns to make summer tops and a skirt, plus all the bits to make them.  It hasn't put me off wanting to make clothing, I just want to make something I'll want to wear!  Maybe I'll be more careful if I'm making something for me.

Have a good week all! xxx

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Hello and welcome to another week of WOYWW.  This is where we take a peak at other crafty people's desks and show our support.  You can join in the fun here.

My desk this week:

I'e been making little felt tissue dispensers with the thinking of putting them in my Etsy shop.

 This is the shirt I've made so far for the Sewing Bee competition at work.  Hard work when you've never made any clothing before.

You may have noticed the cat face on my desk.  As I write this on Tuesday night, it is the first anniversary of my little Guinness having to be put down.

Taz and I were glum for a bit.  But then we started to remember all the funny things Guinny would do to make us laugh.

We have now bucked up.

Before I go, I would like to share the following link with those who wish to help out with this.  Be quick though, it finishes this Saturday.  If you can't help, please pass the link on.  They are so close to the finish line! 


See you all next week! xxx