Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Hello all!

Welcome to another week of What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!  This is where you can peek at crafty (and less so) desks on the interwebs.  You can take part in it here, and you'll find info on how to take part there too.

I have a confession to make.  I'm really sorry, Julia, but there is no picture of my craft desk this week.  If you read my last WOYWW post, you'll know that OH and I were about to take on the big responsibility of rescuing my two family cats from my dad.  In a way, it has been my project this week.

I would like you to meet Guinness (or Guinnyminns):
 Guinness is 14 years old.  My dad fed her nothing but biscuits for those 14 years and now she has diabetes. Way-to-go Dad.

Now I'd like you to meet Guinny's sister, Taz (or Tazzy-toodles)
Taz is also 14, and a complete picture of health.

OH and I rescued them last Saturday night.  I'd taken Guinness to the vet for a complete M.O.T. with blood and urine tests and was presented with a diagnosis of Diabetes.  I then spent the end of the week in bits wracked with making a decision between putting her down, or trialling her on insulin.  I chose to trial her on Insulin for three months.  I am in the process of changing her diet to a cat meat high in fibre, low in carbs and fat and have had an absolute nightmare trying to find a cat food that doesn't list meat derivatives as it's first ingredient.  I've also come to the conclusion that vets in general are rip-off merchants, thanks in part to the rules and regulations of the E.U..  So far, I've spent a whopping £150 on her for just one appointment!

The plan now, is another appointment to show me how to inject her twice a day and manage her glucose levels, then in three weeks, she gets to spend 24 hrs at the vets being monitored and glucose tested 5 times to the tune of another £150.

Taz was showing signs of separation anxiety and  didn't like OH quite openly, but they seem to be getting on now and she seems to be eating her food better and is using the litter tray, so I'm not so worried now.

It is truly lovely having them around.  Knowing they are depending on me has given me a purpose in life that I have been lacking.

Thank you for coming to have a look today, and sorry Julia, for the long post.  Back to ordinary crafting again next week - I promise!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Hello again friends.  Sorry this has been put together a bit late in the day, but at least I got here at all.

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday is a weekly look at other crafty minded folk's work desks.  To join in the fun, have a look at Ms. Julia's blog here to take part.

My desk this week:

Here we have  the Diatom cross stitch attatched to a stand lent to me by Fairy Thoughts.  It's brilliant and I want one of my own now.  To the left of that are two Christmas cards with birds that have been painted by kids.  Chck out the robin Cuthulu-style card.  to the right, there is a black bag of ribbon, more of which in a minute.  Below that is a pile of my cherished postcards I got when I was an avid postcrosser. My decimated ribbon box, and a lot of other random rubbish!

There is so much going on here this week.  The dining room table is still unchanged from the previous week's photo.  I'm hoping to get all the items we're not keeping onto Freecycle just as soon as OH gives the signal.  However, I have finally just managed to load all the crappy items from Grannys into the back of OH's car in anticipation of a trip to the tip tomorrow.

****News Flash!****
I am proud to announce that we are getting two new additions to our family this weekend.  My dad is no longer able to carry on looking after the family cats, so on Saturday I will be collecting Guinness and Taz and will hopefully be able to provide a clean, loving home for them to live out their days in.  So excited!

Thank you for popping by to have a look.  If you leave a comment, I will be sure to check out your desk!  xxx

Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Hello all, and welcome to another week of What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.  To have a look at other desks, visit Ms. Julia's blog at Stamping Ground.

This week, I have two desks to show you, the greedy swine that I am!

This is my regular desk:
On the left is a cross stitch I'm doing for my friend Matthew, who turns 40 this weekend.  I ditched the original tree pattern I was going to make as it would have taken too long.  I'l be making that for my friend Naomi's 30th birthday in May, so I've got a bit of time to go on that.  I wanted to spell his birthday out in Roman numerals and chanced upon the Latin for Happy Birthday, so with a bit of luck, it should end up reading:


Happy Birthday

I have started on this year's Christmas cards.  Nathans Diatom cross stitch is coming along nicely at week 3.

This is my dining room table this week:

OH and I are starting the ridiculous process of clearing his Granny's trailer so we can move her closer to us as she is on her own miles from any family, at the age of 88.  This picture shows all the salvaged and cleaned items found in her kitchen.  Our job now is to decide what we're keeping and what's getting divvied up between friends/Ebay/Facebay/Freecycle and charity shops.  Out of shot are boxes of metal, plastic, glass, wood and pottery items that are heading straight to the tip as they have all cooked their last.

Exciting times!  We're going back to Granny's this Thursday for more stuff, so there may well be another table shot next week.  Stay tuned folks.

Thanks for popping by, and sorry for the long post! xxx

Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Hello all:)

Get nosing at other crafty desks here at Stamping Ground, where Ms. Julia hosts the best blog hop in the interwebs.

My desk this week:)

On my desk this week:
1.)  More progress with the diatom cross stitch.
2.)  I got an invite to go to a friend's 40th birthday in two weeks and stupidly thought I could get a cross stitched tree done in that time.  I have since given up on giving it to him, but will carry on with it whenever Diatoms bothers me (mainly after unpicking sessions, like just now.).
3.)  Ongoing project since October has been to collect many pieces of baking paraphenalia for my mum's birthday at the end of this week.  I found the box in a local card shop, bought brightly coloured packs of tissue and raided my ribbon box.  There is A History Of Cake book, glitter candles, various cake casings, edible gold lustre, an elephant shaped cookie cutter, coloured royal icing, sugarcraft bees sat on flowers, neon coloured sugar crystals, edible petals, a pen that writes in chocolate and other stuff I packed long ago and have forgotten about.  I'll be making her a card to go with it at some point this week.

That's all folks!  See you next week:)