Sunday, 15 November 2009

Take the skinheads bowling, take them bowling.

Has it really been so long since my last post?!  I have spend most of this last month being ill part time.  I get a sore throat, headache and always one blocked nostril, then it plays out over the course of a week in a different way each time.  Just as i notice its getting better, two days later the sore throat comes back.  Odd.  So i'm just starting my fourth cold in two months it seems.  I wonder if it has anything to do with taking up swimming on a daily basis for that very same amount of time. Hmm.

My memory is shot and i can't remember half of what has happened in the last month, so i'll start now and work backwards.  I am listening to Camper Van Beethoven after hearing Take The Skin Heads Bowling on 6Music this morning over my Porridge.  I'd never heard the original before so it was a bit of an eyeopener.  I can't decided whether their version or the Manics version is better cos they differ quite a bit.  There is more fire and vigor in the Manics version but i quite like the slower laid back version of the original.  I shall Wiki them in a mo to see who they are.

I just got back from the cinema where i saw 2012.  I shan't put spoilers here but i say it was worth it.  Epic destruction via a morbid amount of CGI on a scale that i have never seen before on film.  Don't listen to James King's 1 star out of 5.  Plotline is not great and the fact that it is two and a half hours long meant i started to get bored in the last half hour, but the film was well proportioned with no rush at the end.  There is love, chaos, land problems, heartbreaking moments, more good people die than the bad ones and at least two people get their comeupance.  Ok.  ONE SPOILER (sort of)  Woody Harrelson is a ledgend.  I salute the man for his supurb acting and the suprise of not knowing he was in it.  I shall IMDB to find the errors.  There must be thousands.  So go and see it :)

The Bear left for his first foray into Cornwall this afternoon.  He's gone to see the Rose nursery down there and meet the folk who run it, who he will hopefully be the boss of come June time.  He'll be working in the field too, lifting roses all day.  It's the first time in 6 years that we have been apart.  We see each other every day.  I went to the cinema so i would mope about the house.  It's only for 3 days though, so not too bad.  Still miss him though.  Spicy cat is offering me her warmth and purrs which is lovely.  It is still a nice novelty to have her sleep in the bedroom with me.  I look forward to seeing Bear again on Wednesday.

I've had quite a few bag sales and unfortunately what looks like a non sale by someone from Russia cos they can't read the payment terms.  Dumbass.  I have sent five bags to a shop in Philidelphia which scouted me out on for my recycled shopping bags.  That was exciting.  I've now got to send her a small profile of myself and what i try to do and some pics so she can put them on the website too.  She only wants a 30% cut too.  I've just had a week of and i've really gone to town helping  They are an online non-profit organisation that calls on the sewing skills of women to give their free time to make fabric shopping bags to give away in towns and cities guerilla style.  We intend to encourage people to stop using plastic bags which are slowly throttling our animals and environment.  I am in the Winchester City Baggers pod on and am currently recruiting.  I am taking fabric and supplies donations and monetary donations to pay for the labels to go on the bags.  The people who make the bags do it all for free.  I've made 12 bags so far and i've still got two days left of my holiday to go.

I want to get Muse tickets for the Wembley gig next September when they go on sale next Friday, but i quake at what the cost will be.

I can't remember anything else.  Oh, i choked on the fizzy shit on a Tangfastic. In the cinema.  At a really quiet part of the film.  Goon.

Sunday, 11 October 2009


I am really pleased with myself for today, I MADE JAM!  Five pots of Blackberry jam to be exact.  I was a bit OCD reading up about the process (and indeed which process to chose from out of the millions that are apparently possible) and making sure i had everything laid out properly before i started, but i need'nt have been so nervous about it.  Loads of people told me it would be difficult, that it would be very messy and i'd never get it to set on my first attempt.  Apart from a couple of splodges on the hob everything went to plan and oh my god!  Homemade jam is the bomb.  I'll never buy shop jam again.  I only put blackberries, sugar and a splash of water in mine.  I'm giving one pot to my mum, one pot to Tess, one pot to the Bear's grandparents and because Bear doesn't like jam, i'm only keeping one pot for me and Bear's mum so i have one spare that i don't really know who to give it to.  Oh, i've just thought, maybe Billy's mum would like it.  I shall enquire.

News this week.  We were far from winning the Bishop quiz on Monday.  I now see it as a social  event with Barry and Becky.  Various other people say that they will pop down and have a go, like Ed and Emily, but they haven't made it down thus far.  Ho Hum.

The gym is still going strong.  Trying to find a way to not be knackered by the time i reach the bike at the end.  I have my last appointment with a gym instructor this coming Monday and then i am left alone for ever to do my own thing.  How 'Citing.

No craft going on at the mo.  Scoured the library and both Waterstones (admittedly forgot about WH Smith) for a book on Macrame as there is a rather lovely macrame owl on Etsy and i want to make them as they appear to be very cheap and quick to make and women love them because they are a novelty.  My renewal dates for the items of craft i have posted on Etsy are expiring NOW and i don't know whether i should renew them at the moment.  Was thinking of winding it all down until we have moved...

OH YEAH!  We are moving (everything crossed) to Cornwall next year so that the Bear can manage his uncle's rose nursery down there.  I am rather excited at the prospect of getting out of this one horse town.  The joy that leaps up into my heart when i fantasise about handing my notice in makes me grin like a Cheshire cat.  I went to the post office yesterday to aquire a provisional driving license form.  Yes, i am going to learn to drive again, but in an automatic this time.  My head can't deal with having to look in a hundred different directions at once and have to co-ordinate my hand on the gear stick with my foot on the clutch.  Absolutely not.  I am absolutely petrified.

Yesterday i went through my nearly 300 postcards from Postcrossing and cut the stamps out of them before recycling the cards.  I intend to start a stamp album and be sad like that when someone buys me an album and maybe things like stamp tong and hinges with which to attach them to the album for Christmas.  I have just over 400 stamps, which i thing is a jolly good start to a new hobby.

We were about 6th out of 16 at the Oak quiz.  I started feeling a little bit ill toward the end but put it down to exhaustion after an 8 hour work day, an hour in the gym, followed by an evening of social banter and trying to look as jovial as possible.  No quiz for the next two weeks as QuizMaster Nick is on holiday so i hope for going home early on those nights, but we shall see.

Friday night really went wrong when i felt proper ill in the pub.  No energy.  Wolfie and Hannah were out with some of their mates so i made an effort for them because we never see them.  We started at the Oak and went to the OLd Vine which is now a completely non-smoking pub.  Full of pretentious business types and their dolly birds.  All Jaegar and fake Armani.  And too hot.  We went home after half an hour of getting there because it all got a bit much.

So i went to bed feeling like s**t and the Bear was fine.  When we woke up i was fine and the Bear said he was feeling like s**t.  Poor lamb had a full Saturday at work too.  After a couple of hours in the pub afterwards, i treated him to a pizza and took him home.  He looks a bit better today.

This week i have mostly been listening to Muse (surprise surprise) and Richard Hawley and i strongly recommend that Billy looks up Richard Hawley's song called 'Serious' if he hasn't already.  I also heard a very brief snippet of the new Vampire Weekend song which i thought was very good but also very different.  I don't know what it is called.

Till next week. x

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Where is my life going? Oh yeah.

So.  This week has been much the same as last week, as it usually is in Winch.  Work hasn't been too bad save for the occasional pillock asking me for a blind in a colour we don't do it in and how dare we not have the blind she wants or the piece of fried gold that is 'Oi, do ya sell paint, darlin'?'  Well shit me, i thought it was a D.I.Y. shop.

Monday night saw the Bear and I being invited to the Bishop on the Bridge's second pub quiz by Monster.  Baz was feeling under the weather so didn't come out and her friends couldn't make it either.  There was an intro round where the quiz dude held a microphone to a hifi which i thought was delightfully quaint compared to The Oak's quiz.  There was also a general knowledge and a Winchester round (and another several rounds that i have forgotten), with questions such as 'Which Winchester secondary school did footballer  Wayne Bridge go to?'  Points go to Bear who pointed out he went to the same (scummy-Westgate was better) school.  We came 3rd out of (oh the shame) 4 teams and won a packet of sweets which promptly made it into Monster's bag.  Might go on Monday but i don't like getting home late on hairwashing nights so we'll see.

The gym started to pick up a little bit toward the end of the week.  I had my fourth instructor lesson too and was taught core body muscles.  Hurray!  I don't have another damned appointment for 2 more weeks.  Even though i have yet to see a dip on the scales (any kind of dip would be great) i felt fairly euphoric at the end of my sessions on Thurs and Fri and i've been a bit more careful with what i eat, largely omitting doughnuts at work.

Thursday saw a one week only return of the old style quiz with no buzzers.  Quizmaster Nick had buzzer no.18 stolen from his quiz in Salisbury the week before.  He posted a lot of mail/status updates about how livid he was about it and the various updates of what was happening as he was mysteriously getting contacted by various parties involved.  Turns out the person who stole it was at the quiz getting pissed to celebrate the last night of him being a free man before he got sent down for some time on a theft and burglary rap the following morning.  Nick is now in talks with his solicitor about trying to get it back.  He says that he will be putting little chips in them to be able to find any that go missing in the future.  We came third in the quiz.  Boo and poo.

We went to the Railway on Friday night and managed to get 11 of us round one of those tiny round tables at the back by the cat huts.  Crystal was a bit quiet and Hannah and I have noticed that she has been quiet or off the radar completely since the middle of September.  She's stopped going to the quizzes and we miss her.  We are waiting for the next Lonely Hearts Club to take her dancing and hopefully cheer her up.  We went to the Railway again on the Saturday to see Christian's Alternative Karaoke.  We all had a good time but sadly it was to be the last karaoke as Christian posted on Facebook that he is quitting doing it at the Railer after he made a loss.

I have been wasting my life playing Farmville, Mafia Wars and Cafe World on geekbook.  The first and last are suprisingly addictive.  The Bear is playing Guitar Hero after watching some programme by Charlie Higson relating to computer games.

The Bear has handed his notice in.  How cool is that.  I can't wait until i get to do the same but i have many months to go before that.  He starts his 6 or so months training with his uncle in Nov so i guess we move in April or May  I plan to give a months notice but to work part time for my last two months so that i can get my shit together with packing and finding a job down there.  Bear suggested we have a party to celebrate our leaving on the scale of the last leaving party we had at the Railway before we moved to Aber.  I think things are a bit different now though because all the people i'd want there are no longer in Winch and i'd want QuizNick to lay on the music but as lovely a thought that is, i think we're better off putting that sort of money into the new life.  It'd run to about 500 smackers and that is frankly ridiculous.  Instead, i fancy getting blind drunk after my last shift at the Base (and being allowed to!) not having a work leaving do cos that'd be gay and having a succession of leaving meals and drinks to make sure we see everyone before we go.  I'm so excited.  I want to see my bosses face when i ask to go part time.  Sadly the way things are going at Base he'll probably be grateful to give me less hours.

I must go now to sort out a Spicy kitten with a bleeding tail after her latest neighbourhood scrap.  And for a crafty fag.  Adios.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

United State of our rooms

And so Autumn is upon us and this is turning out to be the first year i haven't needed to prompt Bear to clean his study.  He is currently in full force pulling all sorts of forgotton items into the fore.  The constant calls from the next room find me scuttling through to see what has been found.  So far a butterfly (a live one, strangely) has materialised out of nowhere.  I think Bear sneezed it out of his hooter during one of the numerous dust filled sneeze-outs he's been having.  It was given a second chance, carefully caught and released out the back door.  The other thing that has been found is a tape case containing some of my old tapes.  We have YAZZ's Wanted album (minus its own case), Now Dance '86 and la piece de la resistance: NOW 6!  I have to share what (well, the good bits only) is on the latter two:


Communards - Don't Leave Me This Way
Gwen Guthrie - Ain't Nothing Going On But The Rent
Grace Jones - Pull Up To My Bumper

The majority of that album turned out to be a bit shit.


Queen - One Vision
Eurythmics - There Must Be An Angel Playing With My Heart
Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill
Fine Young Cannibals - Blue
Midge Ure - If I Was
Siouxie And The Banshees - Cities In The Dust
Jan Hammer - Miami Vice Theme

The study is now looking smart and the sneezing seems to be giving it a rest.

I'm thinking of having a clear out.  I really have accumulated such a lot of crap and most of that is craft related.  I'm going to start by putting the contents of my two shops ( and into some sort of sale whilst trying not to undercut myself.  Then the CD's need a going through.  There are too many empty cases i've kept in the hope of CDs showing up, but i think after 6/7 and in one case 10 years, they aren't coming back.

I'm now thoroughly addicted to Muse's Resistance album.  I wanted to listen to it everyday on my MP3 player but that would interfere with the setup of songs i have on it for the gym, so I make do with playing the album on my laptop and I let it run from start to finish.  I actually love each song now and can't believe I complained that two of the songs were bland.  I still have a hell of a lot of their other stuff on the MP3 player.  On shuffle, nearly every other song is one of theirs.  In other music news, i've heard the new Flaming Lips single Slippery Silver Hands and it seems they are getting in on the Space themed music as well.  It is very good, but quite odd.  I ate my porridge to Prodigy's Breathe this morning.  Good old 6 Music.

Good and bad news at work.  Bad news was that last Wednesday I was nearly told that my job was being cut from 39 hours to 20 hours a week.  Our manager had gone to a meeting in Swindon with a packet of other managers from around the region to be told that all their stores were going to 'Realigned' ('Made Redendant' to you and me).  My manager spent all night ringing people out of their beds to plead our case that 5 students had left for uni in the last week so our hours/staff ration was better than everyone elses.  We got off the hook, while four other stores are now going through a full realignment.  I feel guilty that i get to keep my job when so many of my friends from other stores are now going through hell.  If that had been me, i'd have just left.  The good news is that my manager has finally conceeded that he was wrong about taking my Stock Controlling job from me and handing it to the Night Crew.  Night Crew can't cope with it as the company are not giving them enough hours to do their own work, let alone the logging in of excess products from the store and couldn't even start to think about pulling items out of the warehouse to see if they'll fit on the shopfloor yet.  So Hurray!  I get my old job back during weekday mornings, before an afternoon of paperwork and reports.  I feel mighty smug.

I would like to say that the gym is going well, and as a whole it is but i still loathe having to go and haven't lost the amount of weight that puts you into a state of Euphoria to motivate you to enjoy the sessions.  I have gone everyday for 2 weeks now and i get my 4th appointment with a gym instructor on Tues.  I have now been given two programmes to do on the treadmill, one on the bike, i get to use a strange contraption to strengthen my legs, i do lunges, floor excersises and i can play with one of those big blue balls.

I'm looking forward to getting paid tomorrow.  Its been a long month.


Sunday, 20 September 2009

Oh Mummy, What's a Sex Pistol?

What a strange week.  Monday started by finding a fiver in a bush on my walk to work.  Tuesday i found out that all my Nectar points training at work has finally come to fruition and i have amassed some 13,000 points which works out at about 64 squid.  Wednesday i arrived home at the end of the day to find a Royal Mail 'So sorry we missed you' (no you're not) card when i have nothing ordered and nothing expected.  Thursday i went to collect my prize at the Post Office to find that some nutjob in Mumbai, India had sent me a postcard via Postcrossing but had decided to spend 40 Rupees on it to send it by Recorded Delivery 'Just to make sure I got it'.  Why would you take such a project so seriously?  There are kids in sweatshops in Mumbai (I am sure) paid about 2 rupees a day.  It all adds to the experience, i suppose.  We didn't win the quiz on Thursday but we did get every question right in the second round, and lots of chox from Bryony, Keith and Allan's team who won an anagram. 

I am looking forward to the proper start of Autumn when it feels icy cold and breath turns to vapour.  Where i can justify buying some lovely items from  My top five Etsy items for this week are:

1.  Black fingerless gloves with black ribbons
2.  Limited Edition Magic Moss Bears Print
3. Knitted scarflette in brown and turquoise
4. Mummies and Vampires Halloween Chequers
5. Winter tree leather journal

Oh and Wispa Gold has returned on a Limited edition basis - Whooooooo!

I quite like the Yeah Yeah Yeah's Heads Will Roll, The Very Best's Warm Heart of Africa and Muse's United States of Eurasia (Shah, Shah, Shah!).

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Lazy Days and Muse

I had planned to do something today.  Anything, in fact, except spending all morning on my laptop.  Fail.  I excuse myself by noting that i will be going out after lunch and probably won't be going home again until the early hours of tomorrow morning.  I've got approx. five hours to find two uniforms for me and my boyfriend to wear on a mates birthday night out, with no clue of what to buy and trying to justify the cost, which i can't.  I've looked around our cupboards trying to find remnants of our old dressing up box, but its probably made its way into the loft by now.  Poo. 

I've just been really naughty and listened to a live stream of the new Muse album 'Resistance'.  I've waited so long for it to come out on Monday that i couldn't wait any more.  Two days, i know.  I always find first listens of albums difficult to sum up - they need more listening!  I'll write what i think about each song now and no doubt will update each with every new listen. 

UPRISING:  Beautiful tribute to Dr. Who theme.  Very beefy with the bass.  Currently my favourite.
RESISTANCE:  Starts off slow and wishy-washy, quickly picks up a catchy verse before the first chorus.    
                          Goes etheral for a bit.  Repetitive.  I like the catchy bit a lot.  It reminds me of something
                          from the 80's but i don't know what.
UNDISCLOSED DESIRES:  Starts off like some catchy R'N'B tune Destiny's Child would have cooked
                          up.  Very different sound.  Punchy lyrics.  Very distant strains of Depeche Mode.
UNITED STATES OF EURASIA:  Stunning tribute to Queen.  Full of twiddly bits and power chords. 
                          Video is very good, if not a bit sinister where the maps of the U.S.A., Europe and Asia are
                          merged together to a very creepy part at the end of the song.  Makes the hairs on the back
                         of my neck stand up at the end. My second favourite tune.
GUIDING LIGHT: Epic arena anthem reminiscent of 'Invincible' off their last album Black Holes and 
                              Revelations.  Reminds me why i love his voice.  The occasional Queen-esque twiddle. 
                              A pretty song.
UNNATURAL SELECTION:  Good beat, very slappy.  Queen moments.  Great lyrics.  Poetic.
MK ULTRA: Reminds me of the tune from Anneka Rice's Treasure Hunt right at the beginning.  I love the
                      voice mashing in the middle, spooky bit.  There is a song by the Manics called 'Paul Robeson'
                      that features the lyrics 'MK Ultra turned you paranoid.'  Just thought that i would get that one
                      in there.
I BELONG TO YOU/MON COEUR S'OUVRE A TA VOIX:  My second favourite song so far.  Very
                     different.  Reminds me again of the 80's for the use of the sound effects in it.  Love the 'Oooh-
                     ee-oooh-ee-oooh's.  Fat on the piano.  Includes Matt singing in French.
EXOGENESIS:SYMPHONY PART 1(OVERTURE):  Reminiscent of Holst's planets, Alien soundtrack,
                    various creepy space films.  Orchestra sounds amazing.  Matt howls unrecognisable words in 
                    harmony thoughout.  Fantastic.
EXOGENESIS: SYMPHONY PART 2 (CROSS POLLINATION):  I wish i could remember the names
                   of all the classical music i like.  This one is heavy on Piano and sounds like a famous classical
                    song at the very beginning.  The lyrics are very *The world is in your hands, so save us*.        
                    Orchestra and band playing at the same time.
EXOGENESIS: SYMPHONY PART 3 (REDEMPTION)  Sounds like its going to break in the funeral song i've learned to fear (can't remember the name of that now, either.)  Starts getting happier and fairytale like.

I need to go and do something else now.  Might make some jam tomorrow.