Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Hello everyone!

(I managed to turn WV off!)

Every Wednesday, i join up to What's On Your Workdesk over at Stamping Ground.

This is the state of my desk today.....
I'm still working on this.  So far, I've applied black electrical tape to the sharp part at the top of the cans (after opening them with a can opener) and have begun papier mache-ing the two at the back with purple tissue paper.  The fourth can is just out of shot, and i have another 4 after that to make!

Dan (the other half) asked me if i could help make some Xmas decorations for a charity evening he's putting on in aid of Child's Play.  Dan runs a retro gaming night every Friday at a Winchester pub called the Railway Inn and Child's Play use their donations to provide poorly kids in hospitals around the world with gaming consoles to help take their minds off their illnesses.

I asked when he wanted stuff by.  Yup, two weeks.  So, in time for 7th December.  Bang goes the other stuff i was doing for Christmas then, well at least until the 8th, when PANIC MODE will kick in swiftly.

Of course i'm only too happy to help a good cause and have begun in earnest...
This will be a mushroom hanging decoration.
I knocked up this Assassin's Creed logo in cross stitch last year and will be selling it at the do once i find a frame...Anyone remember this little internet meme...
That's going in too.

In other news, the papier mache bug has struck again as i begin to construct a wreath...
Yes, there is a floor there somewhere.

Now, i must be off to work.  I've heard 40 coaches are piling into Winchester to visit the Christmas market today (Did you hear that, Fairy Thoughts?) and I want to be ready to greet the mayhem.

Please go and check out the other desks on Julia's Stamping Ground.  Bye! xxx

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Hello all! This will be my third (or fourth?) attempt to get my desk on WOYWW with much help and despairing from Janet at Fairythoughts. I may well have cracked it.

This week on my desk, I am starting a new project, which is why it all looks neat and a little laid-out. I'm not going to say what it is I am making as they are going to be presents for some of my friends and I know that they look here sometimes. Best not to give the game away, I say.

The item will comprise of a tin can, electrical tape, tissue paper, wallpaper paste and the plastic tube innards from the inside of till rolls I've been saving at work since about March. I like to recycle.

So, tonight I will be seeing if I can knock one of these together. Tomorrow is my day off and I am hoping to be able to find the time to start getting my homemade wrapping paper together. I still need to find the cross stitch motifs I made earlier this year as they are going on Christmas cards. Then, more decorations and stockings to be made, AND WRAPPING EVERYTHING!

Have a look at the other WOYWW desk at Stamping Ground

See you next week!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Do you know what?  I may have actually taken a picture, written some words and posted it all up in the right place this week!

I've been determined to get on with making Xmas decorations for my new house, but have been struggling with inspiration of late.  The red discs toward the back of the shot were inspired by my colleague, Janet (Fairy Thoughts).  She is holding a Christmas craft workshop at work this Saturday and had course info leaflets printed out which showed a picture of Xmas decs she'd made, so i used the round design and sewed anything that came to hand on them (yarn, buttons, safety pins, beads, ribbon, etc).  I've attached ribbons to them and am hoping they make their way onto the as yet, non-existent Christmas tree.

Next to all that is a template for the two Christmas stockings I'm making for my partner Dan and I.  I got the fabric from work.  It's thicker than cotton, but not as rough as sacking/hessian and has a delightful print of Santa and Rudolph on it.  See -

I'm going to line the stockings (for no real reason, other than extra work for myself) with the spotty multi-coloured fabric seen in this picture.  I'm hoping to give them drawstring openings but shall see about that when i'm a bit further down the track.

Other things to do this week include: Cutting stock card into Christmas cards, figuring out what I've done with all the Christmas themed cross stitches i did earlier this year that are meant to go on the aforementioned cards, cut gift tags out of old birthday cards, potato print brown paper for  gift wrap and wrap the presents bought so far.  Fun times!

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