Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Hello and welcome again to another week of What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.  You can join in snooping around other people's desks, by going here.

My desk this week -

On the left is an old demo curtain from Homebase that's getting turned into bags for life.  Big reel of white poly cotton bottom left, which is being used to sew up little dotty pouches full of rice.  These are becoming hand warmers.  Three pairs of scissors, bog roll, bag of rice and a wedding invite.  As you do.

The CD is a Ramones anthology which I've started listening to again since I heard the drummer from the original line up, Tommy Ramone, passed away on Friday.  I love their music.

Out of shot is a cork board that I've started putting to do lists on and this week, I'll be carrying on with the vintage longstitch I started.  I've been sewing that while watching episodes of Dexter on Netflix.  I have become addicted to the series.  I also have a sensory board to make for my nephew, and have to come up with gift ideas for two babies that are still in baking mode.  See you all soon! x