Monday, 30 June 2014


Hello and welcome to another week of What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.  This is where we all take a peek at crafty desks from around the world.  You can join in the fun here.

I've been absent for a while, but I hope I make up for it this week.

When I hear customers complain in my shop about how they've become lumbered with some elderly relative's button collection, I always felt a twinge of sadness because I feel the grandma who may have passed her collection on to me died before I was born, and the other grandma didn't act in a grandmotherly manner toward me, let alone be known for her sewing.  

I took on my other half's granny as my own.  We are currently in the process of getting ready to move her into warden assisted accommodation from her county to ours.  This means having to go through her worldly possessions with her.  The picture above shows just a selection of what she said she no longer required.

This was another item she said she no longer needed.  OMG.  It works! It's an electric Singer machine from the 70's.  Because I need another one.

Jobs to sort out from this desk:  Complete a vintage longstitch of a robin, fix up some broken jewellery, find a battery for the portable clock, get the postcard collects sold to raise money for the granny fund, wash the fabric and repurpose it all, put the huge amound of Sylko threads away and wonder what I will be doing with 612 buttons...

Have a great week everyone! x