Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Hello everyone:)

Come and have a peek at all the lovely and creative desks on Ms. Julia's blog this week!

Sorry I couldn't make it last week, I've mislaid my camera charger.  I borrowed another one so I can keep up with this weekly blog hop.

My desk this week:

 This picture shows cough sweets and gum in top left corner, three postcards OH has sent me from Sweden, the new cross stitch and bottlecaps on the right that are destined to be taken to work for recycling.
I've not got a lot done yet.  It is called Diatoms and is a birthday present for my friend Nathan.  He is training to get his doctorate in Marine Biology and Conservation and posted the picture I got the design from on his Facebook page.  I made a chart from it and here we are.  It's on white 22ct Aida, which is turning me blind. Am actually thinking about investing in one of those around the neck magnifying glass things. His birthday isn't until August, but I'm already getting nervous by the scale of it.  Well, if it doesn't get done in time, he can have it for Christmas!

Thanks for coming to peek at my desk.  I hope you will go peeking at other desks too!  have a great week:))

Tuesday, 12 February 2013


It What's O Your Work-desk Week again and it's week 193.  It's your opportunity to have a look at the work desks of the crafty minded, and you can do so by going here.

Here is my desk this week:
The white expanse at the back is half a metre of 6 count Aida, waiting for the Minecraft pictures i'll be stitching on it.  Was going to start today but turns out my cross stitch pattern software has left my pooter and I'll have to download it again.

I got two books out of the library.  Techno Textiles is astonishing and is jam packed full of technological fabrics like Kevlar, Neoprene, astronaut suit fabrics, etc and is also full of pictures of brightly coloured and highly textured textiles.  I like to get inspiration from it.  The other book is Fleece Dolls and inspired me to get two dolls I made years ago out again.  When I can get some fleece, I'm trying out some of the designs.

The Diatom cross stitch for Nathan's birthday is carrying on apace.  I am currently working the perimeter of the piece and have had to baste the edges to try and halt the disintegration of the fabric.

My colleague Fairy Thoughts and I have decided to pack in the chocolate for Lent, which starts today.  I have also decided to pack in the fizzy pop, crisps, biscuits, cake and sweets and intend to throw myself into my crafting for that time, so hope to get more work done than I have done lately.  Hopefully the increase in crafting with replace the lack of sugar and results should be seen.  We'll see!

Go and be a nosey peep and take a look at the other desks! x

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


It's Wer-wer-wer-Wednesday!  Time to start looking at other crafters work spaces for inspiration at Stamping Ground, courtesy of Ms. Julia.

My desk this week...
What a mess - about four projects on the go.  Nothing new then.  Got the book out of the library.  It's really good, but covers too many bases.  Think I just want a modern needlecraft book.  Cough sweets for my sore throat. Still going with the Christmas labels as received too more bags of Christmas cards last week.  IT WILL NEVER END.  Lollipops are obviously for my sore throat.  New cross stitch for  friend's birthday in August.  Will be slow going because upon realising I didn't have any 14ct Aida left in the right size, I opted for the 22ct i had so I could get on with it.  It will look ace, but my eyes are unhappy by the smallness of it all.

Due to a very successful birthday party for OH this weekend just gone, I am starting to think about mine, even though it isn't until August.  I want to make fabric invitations and have a tutorial informing me what I should do.  That's why the felt is out, although I now think I will opt for a cotton fabric instead.  Time to save up for interfacing, vol-au-vents and fabric, which I can do soon as I am neither paying to have my washing machine fixed (my sister offered us hers) or buying OH flights to Sweden (OH's best friend is doing that instead).  Winner.

To those who have enquired, this is what my face looks like most of the time...sat in my little corner of Narnia, naturally.

Go and have a look at other peoples desks now - thank you for looking at mine! xxx