Tuesday, 14 May 2013


It's What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday again.  For details, please see Ms. Julia's page.

My back appears to be getting better and I have started scaling back the codeine this week, although I took a double dose at lunchtime by accident (should have been a single dose) and spent the subsequent three hours effectively stoned.  I got a lot of work done, administered first aid and dealt with two complaints (not about me), so I don't think anyone notice.  Need to be more careful.

My desk this week:

To the left, don't know if I've mentioned this one before, but it's a cross stitch pattern a dear friend gave me for Christmas just gone.  It's called 'Cat Pile' and is a heavily Photoshopped picture of a number of different kinds of cat.  I don't think my friend read the specs, or more likely didn't know what she should look for as this pattern is 15 x A4 pages and after I converted the colours from Anchor to DMC, discovered it has 107 colours in it.  Yes, that's 107.  I feel it would be rude of me not to give it a go a she is a good friend and she did spend money on it.  Just don't expect it to be done anytime soon.  I envisage it as the background piece I pick up between projects.

Dan bout me two big Caramel bars, half of one has already been snaffled.

I started a felt bird tutorial on Sunday, which explains the green felt clippings and scissors.  The bird is roughly in the centre of the shot, near a small pile of stuffing.  It is terribly small and very fiddly, so I may make up a load for Chrimble prezzies

Nathan's Diatom cross stitch is still going, at the back of the shot.  I mentioned last week I was taking it on holiday with me to Mudeford to fill in some of the blackwork.  That went well for the first two days of the holiday, when I was in control of my embroidery skeins.  At the end of day two, I found my niece posting the black down a gap in the sun patio of the lodge we were staying at.  Thus ensued a quiet search for a Haberdashery to buy another one.  Ha ha ha - Haberdashery?  What's one of those then?  I obviously take the fact that I work in one for granted, because it seems that no one else has one.  We went to the one I'd heard of in Christchurch, but it had closed down.  I spotted a Bradbeers in New Milton as we drove through the town and made a mental note to stop on the way back and investigate it.  Plans were changed and I never got there, so I packed it away and got my book out instead.  Want a new and exciting book to read?  Get 'The One Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson out of your local library - it's the bomb! (snigger)

Work have just bought in a load of Decopatch stuff in and it's payday tomorrow and I wonder whether I have the will power to resist.  I will buy the tissue box at some point because I like giving useful gifts.

That's enough words.  See you next week:))) xxx


  1. he he I thought you were always a bit high like that or is that just me! I look forward to selling you the 107 flosses and don't hold back on the decopatch either, were on a bonus scheme after all you know.

  2. That sounds like one heck of a project!! I've made some felt birds stuffed with dried lavender...they make lovely car air fresheners!
    Hope the back is back to normal!
    Happy WOYWW. Pam#15

  3. I have heard of Decopatch, but have not seen it here. Sounds like you won't be able to resist.

    Happy WOYWW from # 7.

  4. that is one serious project. I did decopatch at craft club last time, it is such fun and very addictive!!

  5. WoWza - that 'Cat Pile' looks extremely complicated .... rather you than me I say !!!!
    I'll be round later for the chocco though :-D
    Happy WOYWW

    Ike xx

  6. Hi Lucy
    a great desk you have there today but boy do you have a project and a half with the cat thing, as you say one to pick up and put down
    Have a great WOYWW today and a fabby week
    Ria #21

  7. wow - 107 colors! that would make a nice picture though - having them all together :)
    Happy woyww & thanks for stopping by!
    Jana #30

  8. Hmm that's one serious cross stitch pattern! Glad you've had a bit of respite from your back pain. Happy Wednesday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner@133)

  9. Being a long term suffer with back pain I can understand what your going through right now with your back. Lovely projects on your desk. Happy woyww Jill # 20

  10. That's on serious cross stitch pattern. Thanks for stopping by. Happy crafting #4

  11. G'day Lucy
    thanks for dropping by my blog for WOYWW. As usual I am late getting around but here I am at last :o). Waving to you across the ditch...I used to do crass stitch and stuffed animals...seems like WAY too many years ago. Have fun with that cat pile cross stitch!! Your little green birdie looks gorgeous too.
    Annette In Oz # 11

  12. That's a lot of colors! Wow! I commend the regard you have for your friendship with this woman. How soon do you think you'll finish it? hehe You know we want to see! LOL

    Thanks for sharing your holiday adventure with us. Kelly #124

  13. That is one massive cross-stitching project ... I'm feeling feint just reading about it so good luck, you could be some time :) Elizabeth x #36