Tuesday, 29 January 2013


IT'S WEDNESDAY AGAIN!  That mean's you've come to have a gander at my desk, yes?  If you simply just don't understand what the last sentence means, or you are wondering who the hell I am, What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday is a weekly skip though a lot of crafty desks on the iinterwebs, courtesy of our hostess with the mostess, Ms. Julia and you can find more information here.

I have a conundrum.  On my desk today an item I'm making for a friend.  Unsure of whether she will check my desk out, I can't decide whether to post a picture (hiding giveaway bits) with no description, or write a description with no picture.  Then I thought sod it.  If she see's it, well that's life.  So here is the item that has been hurting my brain for the last two days...

 The making of...
 Well the surprise is well and truly ruined:)
 Inside the sewing roll there is a tape measure pocket, needles, pins, safety pins and buttons on pinked felt...
 fabric pen, stitch ripper, pin cushion, scissors and two colours of thread.  Should be enough for her to be getting on with.
 FINISHED!  Started this on week between Christmas and New Year.  Stopped briefly to make this...
FINISHED!  I put my own twist on it in the end.  I coloured Amy's hair, Jim's shoes and put Stu's mustache in.  I am very happy with this one.  Now just need to find a frame for it.

I'm on holiday this week so am getting lots done.  Have started another cross stitch, with another 5 in planning.  Busy, busy, busy!  Thanks for stopping by:) x


  1. If that's the kind of thing you make for your friends, then please be my pal! *lol*
    It is absolutely beautiful - gorgeous in every way. Thank you for risking your friend getting a preview of her gift and sharing it with us!
    Have a great WOYWW!
    Bubbles #27

  2. you are on holiday and you still beat me haven't you heard of a lay in girl!
    nicki's pressie is awesome she will love it. love what you did with the b/w cross stitch the addes colours turned out perfect.... enjoy the rest of your week
    janet #32

  3. What a wonderful gift!!! I know your friend will treasure it!

    I LOVE cross stitching! I have enough kits (many of them started, but not finished!) to open a shop. But....I don't think I've done a stitch since discovering stamping, lol!! I traded one passion for another. Perhaps someday I will come back to it...you make me want to! Your pieces are lovely - great job!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #12

  4. Happy WOYWW. The gift for your friend is wonderful. Cross stitching. Well, I was totally addicted for 15 years - and then I got into papercrafting. I haven't done any at all since last year. However, I have a friend who stitches every day still, and she keeps asking when I will start a new project. Perhaps today? Ali x #34

  5. The gift you made for your friend is lovely and useful thanks for sharing it with us

  6. That is a lovely thing to make for a friend, sure she wont mind if its not a surprise, it is the thought that counts :)

    Thanks for sharing

    Kerry @ 1

  7. Awesome sewing! I admire people who know how to sew thing like that! Very cool!

    Have a wonderful WW!

    die amelie #66

  8. Morning Lucy. That fab cross stitch bought back some memories - I loved Dougal so laid back he was almost asleep! Hope your friend doesn't pop by today!!! Happy WOYWW to your from Helen 55

  9. Hi! Your friend is a lucky girl, what a true wonderful gift, so crafty too! Happy WOYWW! Karen 84 x

  10. Grat cross stitching lucy, the Scarlets piece is fab..you'll have trouble giving that away now won't you?! Great gift for Nicky, whether she sees it today or not, it's still a surprise, early or not! Have a fun week off.

  11. Very pretty sewing roll there Lucy your friend will be thrilled whether or not she sees it on your blog first.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I haven't done a quilt before so I'm keeping it simple - only trouble is I always want to run before I can walk.

    Ann B

  12. Oh, it feels so good to know that I'm not the only one who ruins surprises! lol
    Nicky will LOVE it though!
    I've been following along your journey with the Scarlet piece and I just have to say it's beyond amazing!

    Happy WOYWW from Egypt. xx
    Roudi # 94

  13. Lucky Nicky! :) I love the x-stitch - very retro, very evocative. Turned out fab!

    Happy WOYWW
    MA (3)

  14. What a lovely gift idea I am sure your friend will be thrilled with it even if she sees it here ahead of time.
    Love your cross stitching
    ria #44

  15. Love seeing a pile of random bits suddenly become a cool sewing kit, what a lovely gift, and with my name on lol Hope the Nicky it's for loves it x
    Happy Desk Hopping Day
    Hugz Minxy #59

  16. Aww your gift is so cute! Am sure Nicky will love it. :)

    And am still loving your funky, retro cross-stitch. :D

    Ali #73

  17. this is so cute - and useful! i hid a friend's gift on my desk under a card...
    happy WOYWW and have wonderful week :)
    no. 5

  18. You are a good friend and she is one lucky girl. As for the embroidery, great work, love the moustache.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza 100

  19. I know what you mean, I wish we could put a block on a particualr post for a particular person so they couldn't see! lol I love the sewing bag you made for her, it's darling and if she is a good friend, she'll pretend she didn't see it! :)Thanks as alays for visiting my blog, waving hi from the windy and rainy hills of North Carolina ♥

  20. I like how you're always making things for other people, hope Nicky loves it. Love the magic roundabout cross stitch but have no idea what or who, scarlet soho are!!

    Brenda 91

  21. Just love that sewing kit you have made for your lucky friend, it is gorgeous!! Annette #26

  22. Great sewing kit you have made there. Thanks for popping by my desk - Happy WOYWW BJ#42

  23. People are joining in with the LillyBo charity even if they can't sew! Some are making cards to go in with the quilts....so your tote bags would be awesome, go for it, say I !! Love the sewing kit for your friend, she'll love it's:)
    Hugs, LLJ 36 xxxx

  24. This little sewing kit is so pretty, I am sure your friend would be so made up to receive this gift. thanks for visiting my desk. Hugs Mo x

  25. Hi Lucy
    Ah so you are resisting the papercraft thing are you?..... might have to make that my next mission.... it doesnt have to be expensive

  26. Ooooh cute sewing kit, you are clever! and seeing the crosstitch brought back fond memories.
    Elaine #30

  27. What a great present! Love the Magic Roundabout cross stitch! Have great week, Chris93

  28. The sewing kit is really cute. A great gift!
    Happy belated WOYWW!
    Tuire #8

  29. thanks for sharing your busy desk lucy...lots of gorgeousness...love the cute sewing kit...happy WOYWW hugs kath xxx

  30. Hullo there Lucy, so many lovely things going on here hope your friend does not look.. love the cross stitch.
    Thanks so much for popping over and thanks for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #40

  31. That is so cute, you are really clever.
    Sorry I'm late but it's been crazy busy.

  32. What a great present. Useful, pretty and with so much love. Thank you for your visit this week and have a good week. xx Maggie #11