Tuesday, 15 January 2013


It's Wednesday again, so it's time for you to peek at other folk's desks by going to the lovely Ms. Dunnit's blog, Stamping Ground.  We do this every Wednesday and it's fun.

 My desk this week.  To the left is a cross stitch I'm making for my friend Amy's 30th birthday.  She is in a band called Scarlet Soho, so I Googled one of their promo shots and found someone had made a b+w outline picture from it and I am now sticking that down in aida.(cross stitch fabric).  The female on the left is her, I'm in the middle of sewing Jim's neck, before attempting Stu.  I intend to sew the band's logo under Amy's feet.  It's got to be done and framed by 16th Feb when her party is.happening.  On the right of the shot is the sixth batch of Christmas card's I'm harvesting for new Xmas cards and tags for next year.  Current  tag tally:  Ready to go - 610  To decorate - 447.  One of my problems in life is not knowing when to stop:)
You'll all be glad to know I hoovered the playroom floor last Thursday:)

Over and out!


  1. 610 way to go Lucy. The cross stitch looks great

  2. Hoover?? What's one of those then?? LOL
    Love your funky cross stitch! Great present! Since I did the Minecraft cushion for my son at Christmas, there has been a steadily growing request list for his mates to have one as well!!
    Hugs, LLJ 38 xxxx

  3. I'm sure your friend will love it.. haven't cross stitched for years! Helen, 10

  4. great looking cross stitch piece. Congrats on getting the floor done! Have a great week. Vickie #43

  5. That's amazing needlework - really funky! Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  6. so impressed with your tidy up
    fantastic gift how cool

    Happy WOYWW Mrs.C #46 {i think?!}

  7. I haven't done any crossstitching in ages and wouldn't know where to start from basics I'm sure your friend will love the prezzie.

    Sue #77

  8. I have to say, the cross stitch I did never looked like that. It looks brilliant.

  9. Wow the playroom looks tidy and the cross stitch is a lovely idea I am sure your friend will love it.

  10. WOW what a clean floor. I have a Hoover too, but you still can't see the craft room floor....oh ya have to turn it on!! LOL
    Krisha #122

  11. Love the cross stitching. Never tried it before but it sure looks like a lot of fun!
    Happy WOYWW from Egypt. xx
    Roudi #113

  12. wow Lucy, over 600 already! I dont know about knowing when to stop, more about when will you use that many?!! Good for you - hope you're enjoying making them. I love your idea of the cross stitch for your chum, she'll be knocked out!

  13. What a lovely and thoughtful gift! I'm sure she'll love it!!

    Jeannie #47

  14. Wow thats such a nice thing to do, I am sure she will be over the moon with what you are doing..
    Nelle xx #152

  15. Can't wait to see the final cross stitch piece. Looks great so far.

    Sorry I am a day late. Fighting the nasty flu.
    Lori #84

  16. I think your friend will treasure her bag, thanks for sharing. x