Sunday, 20 September 2009

Oh Mummy, What's a Sex Pistol?

What a strange week.  Monday started by finding a fiver in a bush on my walk to work.  Tuesday i found out that all my Nectar points training at work has finally come to fruition and i have amassed some 13,000 points which works out at about 64 squid.  Wednesday i arrived home at the end of the day to find a Royal Mail 'So sorry we missed you' (no you're not) card when i have nothing ordered and nothing expected.  Thursday i went to collect my prize at the Post Office to find that some nutjob in Mumbai, India had sent me a postcard via Postcrossing but had decided to spend 40 Rupees on it to send it by Recorded Delivery 'Just to make sure I got it'.  Why would you take such a project so seriously?  There are kids in sweatshops in Mumbai (I am sure) paid about 2 rupees a day.  It all adds to the experience, i suppose.  We didn't win the quiz on Thursday but we did get every question right in the second round, and lots of chox from Bryony, Keith and Allan's team who won an anagram. 

I am looking forward to the proper start of Autumn when it feels icy cold and breath turns to vapour.  Where i can justify buying some lovely items from  My top five Etsy items for this week are:

1.  Black fingerless gloves with black ribbons
2.  Limited Edition Magic Moss Bears Print
3. Knitted scarflette in brown and turquoise
4. Mummies and Vampires Halloween Chequers
5. Winter tree leather journal

Oh and Wispa Gold has returned on a Limited edition basis - Whooooooo!

I quite like the Yeah Yeah Yeah's Heads Will Roll, The Very Best's Warm Heart of Africa and Muse's United States of Eurasia (Shah, Shah, Shah!).

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