Sunday, 15 November 2009

Take the skinheads bowling, take them bowling.

Has it really been so long since my last post?!  I have spend most of this last month being ill part time.  I get a sore throat, headache and always one blocked nostril, then it plays out over the course of a week in a different way each time.  Just as i notice its getting better, two days later the sore throat comes back.  Odd.  So i'm just starting my fourth cold in two months it seems.  I wonder if it has anything to do with taking up swimming on a daily basis for that very same amount of time. Hmm.

My memory is shot and i can't remember half of what has happened in the last month, so i'll start now and work backwards.  I am listening to Camper Van Beethoven after hearing Take The Skin Heads Bowling on 6Music this morning over my Porridge.  I'd never heard the original before so it was a bit of an eyeopener.  I can't decided whether their version or the Manics version is better cos they differ quite a bit.  There is more fire and vigor in the Manics version but i quite like the slower laid back version of the original.  I shall Wiki them in a mo to see who they are.

I just got back from the cinema where i saw 2012.  I shan't put spoilers here but i say it was worth it.  Epic destruction via a morbid amount of CGI on a scale that i have never seen before on film.  Don't listen to James King's 1 star out of 5.  Plotline is not great and the fact that it is two and a half hours long meant i started to get bored in the last half hour, but the film was well proportioned with no rush at the end.  There is love, chaos, land problems, heartbreaking moments, more good people die than the bad ones and at least two people get their comeupance.  Ok.  ONE SPOILER (sort of)  Woody Harrelson is a ledgend.  I salute the man for his supurb acting and the suprise of not knowing he was in it.  I shall IMDB to find the errors.  There must be thousands.  So go and see it :)

The Bear left for his first foray into Cornwall this afternoon.  He's gone to see the Rose nursery down there and meet the folk who run it, who he will hopefully be the boss of come June time.  He'll be working in the field too, lifting roses all day.  It's the first time in 6 years that we have been apart.  We see each other every day.  I went to the cinema so i would mope about the house.  It's only for 3 days though, so not too bad.  Still miss him though.  Spicy cat is offering me her warmth and purrs which is lovely.  It is still a nice novelty to have her sleep in the bedroom with me.  I look forward to seeing Bear again on Wednesday.

I've had quite a few bag sales and unfortunately what looks like a non sale by someone from Russia cos they can't read the payment terms.  Dumbass.  I have sent five bags to a shop in Philidelphia which scouted me out on for my recycled shopping bags.  That was exciting.  I've now got to send her a small profile of myself and what i try to do and some pics so she can put them on the website too.  She only wants a 30% cut too.  I've just had a week of and i've really gone to town helping  They are an online non-profit organisation that calls on the sewing skills of women to give their free time to make fabric shopping bags to give away in towns and cities guerilla style.  We intend to encourage people to stop using plastic bags which are slowly throttling our animals and environment.  I am in the Winchester City Baggers pod on and am currently recruiting.  I am taking fabric and supplies donations and monetary donations to pay for the labels to go on the bags.  The people who make the bags do it all for free.  I've made 12 bags so far and i've still got two days left of my holiday to go.

I want to get Muse tickets for the Wembley gig next September when they go on sale next Friday, but i quake at what the cost will be.

I can't remember anything else.  Oh, i choked on the fizzy shit on a Tangfastic. In the cinema.  At a really quiet part of the film.  Goon.

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