Tuesday, 9 September 2014

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday 275

Hello and welcome to another week of What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, where we take a peek at crafty desks from around the world.  You can join in by clicking here.

My desk this week -

On the bottom left my my desk are two Christmas greeting cross stitches I am making.  They are on my desk as I featured them in my Creative Blog Hop post this week.  There is jam sugar on nearly every surface and shelf/cupboard of my house.  Well, not quite but it feel like it as there is an awful lot of it about, with it being jamming season.  Two batches bitty blackberry, one batch blueberry, two batches plain plum and one batch plum and port jam down, another batch of plum and port jam (or two), one batch Doverhouse chutney and one/two batches non-bitty blackberry jam to go.  That's if I don't get suckered in by Mr. Marketman beforehand.  Likely.

The purple in the middle is the remnants of a birthday card making session I indulged in at the weekend.  Face wipes are essential at all times.  Surprise, surprise, the yellow stars are still there.  They probably need dusting by now.

Coming up this week - more jamming, looking into starting a fabric advent calendar ad getting on with the Christmas cross stitches.

Hope you all have a great week! x


  1. Black berry are at there best right now & i'm picking some this afternoon for a friend. The two cards are lovely as well Lucy. Happy woyww Jill #17

  2. I just made Marmalade from lemons. Love making jam. As for Christmas, I can't get my head round it. #17

  3. Jam making is beyond me and always happy to see what people have been busy creating. Your selection of jams sound delicious.
    Sandra de @26

  4. Hi Lucy - nothing beats home-made jam and chutney, does it? Your life sounds lovely and varied at the mo. Enjoy! Chris # 34

  5. Brilliant - what a busy lady you are. The jams all sound great. Do you use them all yourself, or do you sell? Lovely cross stitch work for the cards - and all the best with the advent calendar. I made one for each of my daughters when they first left home - they still use them all these years later, which is rather nice.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #4

  6. Lots of interesting, including that beautiful cross stitch. Thanks for sharing your workspace today. Hope you have a great day and a lovely crafting week to come. Hazel, WOYWW #45 x

  7. G'day there Lucy. Just dropping by for WOYWW. I haven't played for a few months but remembered today. Love the cross stitch works and yummo re the jam...good for you making your own
    Annette In Oz #46

  8. You cross stitching is just beautiful. Love the gorgeous colors. #56

  9. You are so right making your own jam! I love that too, it is delicious. Also like your lovely cards!
    Gabriele 33

  10. Such nice x stitches Lucy, you really do get a lot done! Never mind the stars, they wait patiently, that's the beauty of the cosmos! Enjoy the jamming, and good for you for making the most of the season!