Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Hello and welcome to another week of WOYWW!  This is where we all have a look at crafty desks/workspaces from all over the world, courtesy of our Julia.  You can join in the fun here.

This is my desk this week...

On the left of my desk is Fifi's baby sampler.  Not long to go on that until I just have to wait for her to give birth at the end of next month so i can sew a name to it.

Then there is a book showing pictures that are useful for the Festival At The End Of The Year.  The aida on the frame is me starting some of those pictures.

Last week I promised pictures of the cross stitches I've been asked to do by another store.  Well, they forgot to send them, so I hope they appear on the van this week.  Instead though, I was asked today to knock up a little design to stick in our shop window this Thursday for the Festival At The End Of The Year theme.  They were going to stick the window in at the end of September, but three other stores have had stonking results since putting their windows in early, so we're being made to follow suit.

That's it from me this week.  Now go and have a look at all the other lovely desks that have put in this week.  xxx


  1. Hey Lucy
    what festival is that then?
    see you ate the choc choc

  2. Pitty the pictures didn't show up this week. I was looking forward to seeing them. Looks like you are off on another creative splurge anyway with the page you have open is anything to go by and the start on the frame

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 30

  3. How exciting waiting for the baby's arrival! Lovely desk full of exciting possibilities! Julie Ann xx #42

  4. oh my, that's quite a frame - how many hours will it take to stitch all that, I wonder???
    great desk pic!
    happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
    no. 38

  5. Hi Lucy I can see you are going to be very busy stitching away. I love the baby sampler a friend gave me when Callum was born. It is a fabulous welcome gift for the new baby. Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 27 x

  6. That is one VERY large piece of Aida...I can just about cope with a bookmark size! Have a great week. Hugs. Pam#36

  7. How disappointing that the store didn't send you those pieces yet, but it certainly looks like you have been and kept busy with other wonderful things anyway. Have a great week! Danie #62