Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Hello again folks.  Time for another week of nosing at other peoples desks, courtesy of our Julia.  You can join in the fun here.

My desk this week:

The book contains many previously unseen photographs of the members of the rock band Queen.  It was a birthday present from OH.  The pages shown depict the four members of Queen taking part in a Japanese tea ceremony on their first promotional tour of Japan.

The fabric container at the back of the desk is a JoZart desk bin, made my my friend, Fairy Thoughts for my birthday.  It currently contains chocolate.  Of course.  The cross stitch in the middle is Fifi's baby sampler that I've bought back out of the cupboard since finishing the wedding sampler.  I am going to try and finish it in the next three evenings because something exciting is about to happen...

About a month ago, I asked my buyer at work if she could circulate an email offering my cross stitching services.  I hoped to hear back from one of the others stores, but didn't believe I would.  Today at work, I get another store asking me to stitch up two Christmas displays a supplier gave them.  I hope to obtain them this Thursday, so will hopefully show you what's going down next week.

That's enough from me!  have a great week all! x


  1. hi lucy
    glad to see you have put the bin to good use ... hey a chocolate holder is probably better than rubbish anyway, what do I mean 'probably'.

  2. Hello Lucy,

    What fantastic news you putting out the word for your stitching and someone already contacting you. I am sure you will be inundated with work before to long. Happy crafting.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 24

  3. Well done!! I love the Queen book too.. they were my favourite! Helen 8

  4. Great new on getting the sampler work. Happy woyww jill #34

  5. I used to cross stitch every moment I was able. Since paper crafting became my addiction, no stitchin. Kim #52

  6. so glad you've been successful in your offering of cross stitch services! that is exciting!
    happy WOYWW! thank you for sharing,
    hugs, peggy aplSEEDS @ 12

  7. Hi Lucy
    a great desk there this week and what amazing news about the cross stitching for some stores you must be thrilled to bit.
    Have a really great WOYWW and enjoy the rest of your week
    Hugs Ria #85

  8. Wow thats fabulous news about the stores wanting you to do some work for them and I love the look of your finished wedding sampler. I hope this coming week is just as wonderful for you. Danie #17

  9. That's great that a store is interested in your cross stitching prowess. Happy WOYWW.

  10. What a lucky break for you and your cross stitch skills. Impressive the buyer would do this for you. Love the "candy jar." You put Janet's gift to good use. Happy slightly belated WOYWW from #10.

  11. uch I missed visiting last week and want to extend my congrats on their wedding present..it's just amazing and they really will love it. I think the cake top was Bart as non-traditional as you could get! meanwhile, you've barely had a break and off you go again..the baby

  12. Sorry, ipad is playing silly and making the edit into a publish button. love the baby project...and I hope there's more to it than just cachet when you get to stitch for the other stores...argh, you jsut invite deadlines don't you!!