Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Hello all!

Welcome to another week of What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!  This is where you can peek at crafty (and less so) desks on the interwebs.  You can take part in it here, and you'll find info on how to take part there too.

I have a confession to make.  I'm really sorry, Julia, but there is no picture of my craft desk this week.  If you read my last WOYWW post, you'll know that OH and I were about to take on the big responsibility of rescuing my two family cats from my dad.  In a way, it has been my project this week.

I would like you to meet Guinness (or Guinnyminns):
 Guinness is 14 years old.  My dad fed her nothing but biscuits for those 14 years and now she has diabetes. Way-to-go Dad.

Now I'd like you to meet Guinny's sister, Taz (or Tazzy-toodles)
Taz is also 14, and a complete picture of health.

OH and I rescued them last Saturday night.  I'd taken Guinness to the vet for a complete M.O.T. with blood and urine tests and was presented with a diagnosis of Diabetes.  I then spent the end of the week in bits wracked with making a decision between putting her down, or trialling her on insulin.  I chose to trial her on Insulin for three months.  I am in the process of changing her diet to a cat meat high in fibre, low in carbs and fat and have had an absolute nightmare trying to find a cat food that doesn't list meat derivatives as it's first ingredient.  I've also come to the conclusion that vets in general are rip-off merchants, thanks in part to the rules and regulations of the E.U..  So far, I've spent a whopping £150 on her for just one appointment!

The plan now, is another appointment to show me how to inject her twice a day and manage her glucose levels, then in three weeks, she gets to spend 24 hrs at the vets being monitored and glucose tested 5 times to the tune of another £150.

Taz was showing signs of separation anxiety and  didn't like OH quite openly, but they seem to be getting on now and she seems to be eating her food better and is using the litter tray, so I'm not so worried now.

It is truly lovely having them around.  Knowing they are depending on me has given me a purpose in life that I have been lacking.

Thank you for coming to have a look today, and sorry Julia, for the long post.  Back to ordinary crafting again next week - I promise!


  1. hi lucy i am glad to hear that guinness is rallying and you made the right decision, hopefully she will have a few happy years with you and Taz

  2. So lovely of you to give the cats a happy home, and I'm sure they'll give you lots of love and happiness in return... I've missed a few, but happy to be back (and with my mother in tow this time!)... Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  3. Well done you for taking on the puss cats... Especially when one has complex needs like that. When they have really acclimatised, all I can say is that you'll be rewarded time and time again. I love having cats, have always had a pair at a time for 30 odd years now. They make a house a home for me :)
    And yes please to the wool. Even if I don't use it in the blanket, I knit hats for the Salvation Army and the Women's Refuge so can use it for that. If I don't make it down to Winchester before the crop, perhaps Janet could bring it up for me?? Save postage :)
    Hugs, LLJ 59 xxxx

  4. Gosh you have been a busy bee. Hope all is well with the cats. Thanks for visiting me. BJ#67

  5. Lovely comment, Lucy. Thank you.

    Wish your news was better for poor old Guiness. I've got one cat that has some problems from being maulled as a kitten by a feral tom cat. I trapped and dispatched the tom but Dixie has had lingering problems for 10 years. My other cat sails along quite happily. Keep an eye on the vet costs - I think they can easily skew your decision to keep treating a cat who is not thriving when she reaches that point. Thoughts are with you on this.

    Take care,
    Ros. #87

  6. Now if you'd put a dish of food on your desk you could have enticed the new kitties onto it, therefore having an alternative WOYWW desk. :)

    Hope the cats are settling in and thanks for your visit to us earlier.

  7. You have been so busy and its heart warming that you are looking after these Beautiful cats and taking on all their complex care required xx
    Happy Easter WOYWW heather #86

  8. wow that is a big commitment so well done you for taking it on. It is alarming how much the vets can charge it makes having pets a very expensive time but the love you get from them is soooo worth it.
    Have a really great WOYWW day, and Happy Easter to you and yours
    Ria #94

  9. That is such a huge commitment to take on your two new charges. I hope they soon settle down and their health recovers. Could you make a suitable food for them so that you know exactly what is in it? It is so hard to know what exactly is in the ready made foods. Thank you for your visit and I hope you remain relatively clear of the nasty boring white stuff. xx Maggie #17

  10. What gorgeous kitties, and what a commitment in both time and money. I really hope that all goes well with the insulin. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x #73

  11. The love you get back is worth the vet bills, I have 2 accident prone boys that cost me a small fortune, 1 girl that has kidney issues and costs me a fortune with visits and special diet and 1 girl that never had an issue till we had the fire and she hid where the smoke was really bad and nearly died, small fortune again LOL But I would never give them away back when I rescued them as 5 day old kittens.

  12. Oh, poor Guinness. Sounds like she has some adjusting to do. They are both adorable fur babies. I'm glad they are settling in and you are enjoying them. I understand the expenses. My cat, Goddess blew up like a balloon after we had her spayed. Now she suffers from UTIs if I don't keep her on the organic supplements. But she is such a lover. Creative Blessings! Kelly #158

  13. What a lot you've taken on. I wish you all the luck in the world.
    A x #44

  14. You're such a good mommy to those kitties! They're adorable and I'm sure you'll do a fabulous job of taking care of them. I admire your level of commitment. =)
    Happy belated WOYWW! - Zildara #107

  15. Ah wow fab cats and I'm glad you're doing all you can for them. That's fab! Thanks for popping by! Take care. Zo 117

  16. Poor old Guinness. He sounds like he's going to have a happy home though, even if it is a bit poorer!! They are two beautiful cats and will settle very quickly I'm sure. Well done for taking on the huge commitment.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax

  17. Fabulous work space and I love those fur babies xx Jan