Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Hello again friends.  Sorry this has been put together a bit late in the day, but at least I got here at all.

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday is a weekly look at other crafty minded folk's work desks.  To join in the fun, have a look at Ms. Julia's blog here to take part.

My desk this week:

Here we have  the Diatom cross stitch attatched to a stand lent to me by Fairy Thoughts.  It's brilliant and I want one of my own now.  To the left of that are two Christmas cards with birds that have been painted by kids.  Chck out the robin Cuthulu-style card.  to the right, there is a black bag of ribbon, more of which in a minute.  Below that is a pile of my cherished postcards I got when I was an avid postcrosser. My decimated ribbon box, and a lot of other random rubbish!

There is so much going on here this week.  The dining room table is still unchanged from the previous week's photo.  I'm hoping to get all the items we're not keeping onto Freecycle just as soon as OH gives the signal.  However, I have finally just managed to load all the crappy items from Grannys into the back of OH's car in anticipation of a trip to the tip tomorrow.

****News Flash!****
I am proud to announce that we are getting two new additions to our family this weekend.  My dad is no longer able to carry on looking after the family cats, so on Saturday I will be collecting Guinness and Taz and will hopefully be able to provide a clean, loving home for them to live out their days in.  So excited!

Thank you for popping by to have a look.  If you leave a comment, I will be sure to check out your desk!  xxx


  1. well done for the posting Lucy... lovely messy one too. the cross stitch is looking good. you might have to learn to put things out of cat reach.... is ther esucha thing?
    see you next week
    janet #28

  2. Your cross stitching is beautiful. Happy crafting...#110

  3. Gosh, a stand for the hoop makes such good sense, no wonder you want your own now! The cross stitch is amazing..loving the progress. Don't rush may be a bit harder to let go to freecycle than originally thought!

  4. Looks like you're keeping busy. Congrats on the additions to the family. Creative Blessings - Kelly

  5. Hi Lucy
    if you get the chance (and you want to) takea look at Annies/wipso's blog she has some cross stitch books she is trying to give away and might be of interest to you