Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Wednesday again and another WOYWW!  Click on this link to see a whole raft of creative desks:)

Here's my desk...
Not tidy this week!  Right then.  We have handmade Christmas gift tags in top left corner, tub of wallpaper paste, tissue paper, ribbon and button embellishments for, Oh what are they at the back of the table, Fairy Thoughts2?!  I feel the mystery is unravelling:)

At the front of the desk are the cross stitch decorations I have been making for the charity do my other half is putting on in aid of Child's Play.  The characters are:  Poison mushroom, two life hearts, star, Piranha plant, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mario, Green mushroom and two space invaders.

The plastic envelope package is my other good deed for Christmas this year.  I'm part of a Random Act of Kindness (or RAK) group on Swapbot and i was recently invited to a swap called Sending Christmas Cheer For a L'il Girl.  The girl in question is seven year old Lilly, who suffers with Guillain-Barre syndrome, or ascending paralysis that starts in the limbs and migrates to the torso.  She is very poorly so i am sending her two colouring in books with pencils and a Christmas card after a conversation with her Grandma over what would be an appropriate gift.  While she can still use her hands, I am told, she loves to colour things in.  If you'd like to join in and send Lilly a Christmas card (gifts are optional), you can get her address here.  Check on your country's last Christmas postage dates to the US (where she lives) first to avoid disappointment.  For the UK, it's Monday 10th December.

The charity do is this Friday, so normal Christmas decorations etc will resume thereafter.

Have a lovely week everyone and see you next week!


  1. Everything on your lovely desk looks really great. Thanks for sharing :)

    #11 Apryl

  2. looks like you are super busy!thanks for sharing.
    happy woyww trace x #33
    p.s. I have festive candy

  3. Loks like there's a lot going on here! Happy WOYWW. xx
    Roudi #48

  4. what a beautifully festive desk! and i love all you're doing :)
    have a happy WOYWW :)
    no. 8

  5. Gosh, what lovely, selfless things you do.

    Wonderful work going on at you desk today

    Jakix #68

  6. What a lovely busy desk - love all the cross stitches and how lovely to send the little girl a gift - very thoughtful. Sunshine Girl - no 21.

  7. Blessing falling on you!
    Krisha #96

  8. Love the cross stitch characters. Thanks for sharing. #76

  9. Love the cross stitch decorations and that's a lovely idea to send the RAK gift for the little girl - I'm sure she'll love them!
    Happy WOYWW

  10. brilliant cross stitched decorations hope all goes well. why do you have a hoola hoop behimd your desk? excercise... burning off all those choco;late buttons

    janet #28

  11. Oh. My word, you have a hoop...bet you aren't afraid to use it!! Love the cross stitch ornaments, well done you, you and your partner should be really proud of the work you're doing!

  12. Such a busy desk...great cross stitch ornaments! What a lovely idea to send the little girl a gift of coloring books & pencils to keep her busy.
    Hugs, Renee #103

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  14. Do I spy a hula hoop behind your desk? Do you actually use it? It makes a fab wall decoration. Your cross-stitch ornaments are adorable! Bless you for what you are doing for little Lilly!!

    Thanks for coming by to see, Lucy. I hope you have a great week! Darnell #58

  15. Hi Lucy. Thanks for stopping by. What a great thing to do -- sending the little girl a coloring book and crayons. Poor thing. I"m sure she'll be super excited to receive it. Brigita #98

  16. Love your desk its so full of creativity great all the bits for charity to - thanks for visiting me already this week