Friday, 2 April 2010

Such Beautiful Dignity In Self Abuse

The scales lied to me this morning in a very convincing manner.  I stood on them.  I got off them.  I stood on them.  I giggled and got back off them.  I picked it up and checked it was correctly set, then put it down again. When i stood on it again, it flashed the most beautiful 11.11 at me that i sighed and got back off.  I am unsure of how this can be.  Last week it snarled 12.3 at me and nearly bit my feet off in my escape.  This week i have been mostly eating sugar, a dirty burger at midnight, fizzy drinks and chocolate and have done half the amount of excercise i usually do due to driving lessons taking up the time i can excercise. (odd:  the draft of this blog saved at 11.11.)  I can only surmise then, that it must be down to the sheer amount of sweat being lost during my driving lessons.  I am happy for the rest of the day.

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