Thursday, 25 March 2010

Thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightning indeed! (well, not for me.)

Every week i get to go home an hour earlier than usual on a set day.  This is known as my 'early day'.  Every three months or so, i get to add an additional hour to this time for the deep joy of getting a blood test done.  I dislike getting my blood tested, not because it is scary, cos its not.  It's just extremely tedious and i always think of other things i could be doing with that time.  So today being that day, i rocked up to the hospital, was seen by a very nice, but very small Russian (They are always foreign.  I've had Polish, Malaysian, Scottish...) nurse who was a bit rough with the tourniquet, plastered a pad to my arm and then i was on my way again.  Upon leaving the hospital, i noticed the sky was a funny shade of grey/black.  Having not budgeted for a bus home, i took to my heels in a hasty fashion.  I just made it to the bus stop near One Stop when all hell broke loose.  The rain was flowing horizontally, mad-sized hail stone started pumelling the passing cars, the wind was crazy,  screaming half-drowned school kids nestled into the stop next to me and a thunderstorm raged overhead.  The quality of light was quite peculiar.  I took my headphones out of my ears to listen to the storm and smoked my roly in a contented fashion.

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