Tuesday, 30 October 2012

What's on your workdesk? Wednesday

Well then.  I think i've been fobbing Janet from work off long enough while i keep forgetting to look up how to add a picture to a blog.  Very lame.  I've been promising to become part of this What's On Your Workdesk?  Wednesday for ages.  Then i moved house and actually got my own crafting room, so no excuse anymore.

I apologise for cheating now, as this is Tuesday that i write this, not Wednesday, but there isn't time to put it together when i get up tomorrow and as it's Halloween tomorrow, i'll be out in the evening.

This week on my workdesk, you can see felt remnants and various accoutrements that are the beginnings of a lot of hanging Christmas decorations.  I've cut discs out of red felt using tailors chalk and a drinking glass (pretty lo-fi) and have been sewing buttons to them or just free-hand stitching designs like snowflakes on them.  There are also the remnants of an unfinished but not forgotten Christmas teatowel project (stencils and dye pens).

However, Christmas quickly gave way to Halloween.  This is my attempt at a design i saw on Google for Jack Skellington i saw last week.  My mother thoughtfully bought me a bunch of steak knives at the weekend and the one i used worked a treat.  I was even able to do the intricate cutting around the mouth area with it.  Smug.  I used an old bent dressmaking pin to punch the nose holes out.

I wonder what'll be on my desk next week?!


  1. Hey Lucy
    I found you... see there is no-where to hide now, great lantern, It reminds me of someone??????
    To link up to WOYWW you need to copy your address on the bar at the top of your blog and then paste it in the link box on Julia's blog along with your name it will then link you so other's can see it... good luck

  2. Hi lucy.... one tip . . .turn off word verrification it is a pain in the #####