Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The mega-mental cross stitch pattern begins...

So i bought a cross stitch from Etsy.com.  Bargain.  Well not really.  True, it cost me equivalent to £3.  For the design.  And half a cartridge of ink.  I was sent four PDF's which amounted to 25 pages of design and a legend page.  I have included photos of all these.  A bit of research tells me that the18 count Aida fabric for the project will measure roughly a metre by a metre (mahoosive!) and that something of this calibre will cost me about £17.  The legend shows a total of 85 separate colours are needed.  At 75p a skein, that is £63.75 (Manic laugh inserted here.)  Oh, but there is more. There is a (2) next to each colour.  I'm not sure but i would say then that it will require two skeins of each colour.  That's £127.50 +£17 +£3=  RIP OFF (£147.50).  Doh.

I'm off to C & H fabrics to get the Aida fabric and 12 skeins of thread tomorrow.  I will pop a picture up of the equiptment tomorrow and i will begin the project thereafter.

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